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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
— Maya Angelou

BackGround and mission

Stories Without Roofs was born from the belief that storytelling is one of our greatest tools for communication and understanding and the knowledge that everyone has a story to tell, as long as there are those ready to hear it.

from page to stage

Stories Without Roofs exists to give a voice to those who may at times feel voiceless. We tell the untold stories of homeless men and women, as they are related to us first hand in our writing workshops.

We believe that art can heal. We know that the creation of a self narrative is important for identity formation and can be crucial to recovery from traumatic events. Borrowing some theories from Playback Theatre, we think it's important not only for our participants to write and tell their stories, but also to hear and see their stories reflected back to them. 

This is why we take the stories of our participants and perform them on stage

social justice theater

We have faith that art - particularly live performance art -  is a powerful vehicle for social change. We strive to strengthen community bonds by inviting others to bear witness to these stories, to contemplate their implications, and to engage in meaningful dialogue with one another. 

Come see for yourself.






Writing Workshops

At the core of Stories Without Roofs program is the writing workshop. The workshop brings together individuals who self identify as experiencing homelessness.  This may include individuals who are currently without a a permanent home, individuals who continue to receive services as they transition into housing, and many individuals in between. The writing groups run by Stories Without Roofs offer people dealing with homelessness in its various forms an opportunity to give themselves a voice, and to have their voice be heard.

Writing Workshop Goals

A. For each of the participants in the writing program to create a self-narrative, and through writing about their own life experiences, discover things about themselves they may not have known.

B. For each of the participants to feel empowered to re-frame their personal stories.  Sometimes we, as people, may feel "stuck" in a story being told ABOUT us, dictated by past events, relationships or traumas. But it is possible for us to change the way we see ourselves or feel about our circumstances, by reinterpreting our own role in our story. Participants in the SWR writing workshops are encouraged to free themselves from internalized stigma by taking control of their own stories.

C) For the participants, through the sharing of their experiences to form bonds within the group, to know they are not alone in their experiences, feelings, or struggles. 

To request information about bringing the Stories Without Roofs writing workshop to your program use this form.

Participants in a Stories Without Roofs writing workshop


“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”
— Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning

Current Production:

Stories Without Roofs: Writing Home

December 18th-21st

Boston Playwrights' Theatre

949 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215


About the show:

This year’s script was written by a group of women currently receiving support services from On the Rise, a day program in Cambridge.

As we worked on their stories and other creative pieces, themes began to emerge organically within the group. Family, identity, trust (or lack thereof), and overcoming life's obstacles and society's stereotypes. The title of the show encourages audience members to consider the often subjective meaning of the word "home." It offers a playful blur between the idea of a home as a physical location (one that you might send a letter to for example, and therefore a place you may leave or even lose), and the concept of home as a feeling and sense of belonging that an individual may create wherever, however they wish.

The show will feature their true and original poetry, songs, essays, monologues and even short videos featuring some of the authors themselves. 

Take a look at our previous work.  

currently seeking...

 positions within our theater production

Stories Without Roofs: Writing Home is looking for the following (volunteer) positions to help us bring these stories to the stage!

  •  Head of Marketing Street Team
    • This is a position that involves organizing our poster and postcard distribution. This person will create a plan for areas to target with our print advertising. This person will also tap into the collegiate communities to advertise on local campuses. He or she will oversee the assignments of other volunteers to go out and put posters up in store fronts and community center billboards. 
  • Marketing Street Team Members
    • The hands and feet of the operation! We need volunteers to put up posters and drop off postcards in designated areas of Boston or Cambridge.
  • PR Data Manager 
    • This is a position that will involve a lot of internet research. The person assigned to this role will spend time finding the blogs, newspapers and journals that would be interested in the many angles of Stories Without Roofs (social justice, homelessness, humanities, arts, local events, "Stuff To Do" listings, etc). This person will compile a list of how to reach out to these various media outlets, and, when appropriate, will set about to get Stories Without Roofs listed, profiled or spotlighted on as many of them as possible.
  • Cellist
  • Percussionist
    • The cellist and percussionist will be overseen by our music director. Must be available for Monday and Tuesday night rehearsals starting ASAP and every night of tech week (December 14th-17th) as well as for all shows (Dec 18th-21st, 8pm with 4pm matinees on Sat/Sun)

mail with your area of interest as the subject line.

other volunteer OPPORTUNITIES

We'd be nothing without the help of amazing volunteers year round. They do everything from assisting with writing workshops, typing up hand written stories, assisting participants with editing their pieces and more!

If you'd like to be involved with Stories Without Roofs Writing Workshops please email us and let us know!


Ways to donate


individual donations

Stories Without Roofs is fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas, a national 501(c)(3) organization. Because of this, all of your donations to Stories Without Roofs are tax deductible! 



As part of our partnership with Fractured Atlas to raise funds for our production of Writing Home we are also running an Indiegogo.  Our goal this year is to raise $2000 to help cover the costs of the venue, insurance, and other production costs that include a stipend for the authors and the work they contributed this year. To donate to our Indiegogo please click here.

non cash donations

Our current theater production, Writing Home, could truly benefit from the following items, whether new or used:

  • BenQ MX620ST Projector
  • You can check our Amazon Wish List for other items we would use to make this production our best yet!

Our Writing Program is always in need of pens, notebooks, & gift cards for coffee and snacks.

For more information on how to make a (totally tax deductible!) non-cash donation please submit a donation inquiry


Stories Without Roofs also offers corporate sponsorship opportunities in several forms including receiving products and services. To find out more about how your company can help support the work of Stories Without Roofs please inquire here.