“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
— Maya Angelou

BackGround and mission

Stories Without Roofs was born from the belief that storytelling is one of our greatest tools for communication and understanding and the knowledge that everyone has a story to tell, as long as there are those ready to hear it.

from page to stage

Stories Without Roofs exists to amplify the voices of people who have been silenced by society. We tell the stories of people experiencing homelessness, as they are related to us firsthand.

We believe that art can heal. We know that the creation of a self narrative is important for identity formation and can be crucial to recovery from traumatic events. Borrowing some theories from Playback Theatre, we think it's important not only for our participants to write and tell their stories, but also to hear and see their stories reflected back to them. 

This is why we take the stories of our participants and perform them on stage

social justice theater

We have faith that art - particularly live performance art -  is a powerful vehicle for social change. We strive to strengthen community bonds by inviting others to bear witness to these stories, to contemplate their implications, and to engage in meaningful dialogue with one another. 

Come see for yourself.