While we wait for our fiscal sponsorship application to pass with Fractured Atlas non-tax deductible donations can be made here.


We are currently seeking the following support:


  1. 1.Print Sponsor - to get the word out we would love the help of a print shop to produce posters and flyers for distribution

  2. 2.Media Sponsor - one of the most effective ways to reach the general public is through print and radio advertising.  We are looking for people or companies that can help us with printing and placement to spread the word.

  3. 3.General Financial Support - monetary donations are always welcome and help with funding anything we cannot find volunteers or donations for.  All proceeds from the sales of tickets, merchandise, and concessions will go back into the community to local charities. So a little can go a long way.


If you are interested in anything above or may be able to help in other ways please contact Pablo Rojas at