Current Production:

Stories Without Roofs: Writing Home

December 18th-21st

Boston Playwrights' Theatre

949 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215


About the show:

This year’s script was written by a group of women currently receiving support services from On the Rise, a day program in Cambridge.

As we worked on their stories and other creative pieces, themes began to emerge organically within the group. Family, identity, trust (or lack thereof), and overcoming life's obstacles and society's stereotypes. The title of the show encourages audience members to consider the often subjective meaning of the word "home." It offers a playful blur between the idea of a home as a physical location (one that you might send a letter to for example, and therefore a place you may leave or even lose), and the concept of home as a feeling and sense of belonging that an individual may create wherever, however they wish.

The show will feature their true and original poetry, songs, essays, monologues and even short videos featuring some of the authors themselves. 

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